Every Question Sun Asks In Season 5
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One thing that bugged me about Season 5, especially towards the end, was Sun constantly asking people questions. At times I found myself amazed that almost everything that came out of her mouth was a question. I felt her character was a bit under utilized in Season 5, and that’s what the following video I quickly cut together is aiming to demonstrate.

Yunjin Kim is an excellent actress, and I am really hoping she gets more screen time in Season 6. Hopefully some of Sun’s questions will be answered. And hopefully she’ll have less of them next season.

Here is every question Sun asks in Season 5:

Middleman: New Javi-Cast
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Javi has just released a new vlogcast (is that a word yet?). In it he answers some fan questions… including one Lost related. That’s right Lost fans… the answer of the smoke monster is revealed! Watch:

Via ABC Family

MMTV Cribs: Middleman Set Tour
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Okay, when I saw this I thought it was both odd and funny. It’s obviously a play on MTV Cribs, and succeeds tremendously in emulating the style Cribs. Still, it comes off as extremley odd to me… because NONE OF IT’S REAL! (not that much of Cribs is either, come to think of it.)

Via ABC Family

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