The Transmission "HiatusCast"
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The Transmission podcast I posted about last week is up. Ryan and Jen take on many Lost theories, but even better the podcast is littered from music by many Lost podcasters and musicians. Enjoy this podcast, as it’s one of the few you’ll be getting between now and April 24th when Lost returns. As many recent podcasts have done, this one includes some talk about Lost Mind Games (see sidebar) and another interview with Anne Dawson. Also they are having a contest for a free copy of the book.

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The Transmission Reviewing ‘Lost’ Season 4 ‘So Far’
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Ryan and Jen of The Transmission podcast are going to be recording a show catching up on all of Season 4 this weekend:

We’re midway through the hiatus, and taking advantage of the break to regroup and reflect on the fourth season of “LOST” to date. (As well as burning our way through our Netflix queue and revisiting other friends like “Battlestar Galactica”!) Jen and I are contemplating another “hiatuscast” to bridge the gap to Episode 4×09, mixing it up with a little “LOST” music, a “LOST” book review, and some filming updates. But of course we’d especially want you to be a part of it. So, please tell us: How do you like the season so far? Favorite episodes? Favorite moments? Any thoughts on the latest batch of new characters, or the evolution of our old friends? Comment below or call the LostLine at (808) 356-0127 before 8 p.m. EDT on Friday, April 11, and we’ll do our best to get it in the show!

If you call in good luck getting your questions answered.

Via The Transmission

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