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"Lost" Podcast Roundup

Here’s an update on some recent podcasts you should check out. And some info on upcoming podcasts.

  • The Hyrdacooler is still recording regularly. They are filling time during the hiatus re-watching and analyzing Lost starting in Season 1. They just recorded an episode discussing Walkabout. Make sure to check out their page on TalkShoe for upcoming episode info and the show’s archive. Here’s the episode:

    Download it (MP3)

  • The GSPN Lost Podcast recently interviewed Bonnie Covel of lost.about.com which is definitely worth a listen. Bonnie is extremley knowledgeable about the show and covering Lost is her day job.

    Download it (MP3)

  • Clay and Chris of The Dharma Dummies do a character analysis of John Locke which should be a good listen for any fans of Locke. These are the same guys who bring their grandmothers on to the podcast occasionally, which I love.

    Download it (MP3)

  • As for upcoming shows, The Lost Flashbacks is changing nights from Monday back to Thursday (or that’s what it seems like for now.) They are all set to record a new show tonight, live on TalkShoe at 9pm EST. Be sure to join.

  • The Transmission is preparing to record a podcast reviewing Season 4. They are looking for people to call in and discuss the season. Check it out.
  • The Lost Community Book Club has released their summer and fall reading list. All you book worms will love this. And it will give you a chance to geek out about both Lost and your reading habits. View the list then tune into their podcasts.
Cut Material From "There’s No Place Like Home" Revealed On Podcast
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The Transmission podcast has revealed some interesting information that was apparently cut from the show. I won’t talk about details of the info here because I think it could be considered a spoiler about the show. Basically it involves some of the other survivors who the Oceanic Six claim made it out of the plane, but eventually died. There are also some other questions/shots that got cut from that scene. Personally I think the reason this stuff was cut from the show was because there were changes to the show made once they had room for the additional hour… but who knows.

The info can be heard @ 36:15.

Via The Transmission

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