"LA X" Initial Podcast Roundup

With Season 6 in top gear it’s time to feature some podcasts for initial reactions to the episode. Some old favorites and new additions are here. So pick one, two, three… or maybe even all of them, and have a listen to what people think about the premiere.

  • Cranky Fanatic is back after a long hiatus, and brings us a roundtable with different fans of the show – Listen here.

  • The Lost Flasbacks kick the season into gear with Josh and Amanda returning to coverage of new episodes of Lost. The two have been going non-stop over the hiatus covering other shows, such as Firefly, as well. – Download the podcast here.
  • Geronimo Jack’s Beard is a new podcast created by Jorge Garcia and his girlfriend Beth, who also goes by the name Sidekick22. The two recorded each episode when Jorge received the script, providing a unique look into each episode. – Visit their site and download the podcast here. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.
  • The Official Lost Podcast is back with Damon, Carlton and Kris in tow, with Kris expecting a child (congrats)! This week there was a video podcast and an audio podcast released. As always you can find both on ABC.com. – ABC’s Official Lost Podcast page.
  • The Joshmeister returned this week, and brought his in-depth initial analysis of the show with him. He had a couple guests join him this week (including myself) so check out his site and podcast feed to grab the podcast once it’s uploaded.

Of course that only scratches the surface, but be sure to keep checking Audibly Lost in the weeks to come for more featured podcasts, and other news about what we’ve got planned for Season 6 and beyond.

"Lost" Podcast Roundup

A few new podcasts this week, with more expected during and after ComicCon next week. Dharmalars did a “ComicCon Survival Guide” and Dharma Dummies released part two of their Desmond character analysis. The Lost Flashbacks finally recorded their Lost spinoff themed show which is not to be missed and The Hydracooler revisited House Of The Rising Sun.

"Lost" Podcast Roundup

Here’s an update on some recent podcasts you should check out. And some info on upcoming podcasts.

  • The Hyrdacooler is still recording regularly. They are filling time during the hiatus re-watching and analyzing Lost starting in Season 1. They just recorded an episode discussing Walkabout. Make sure to check out their page on TalkShoe for upcoming episode info and the show’s archive. Here’s the episode:

    Download it (MP3)

  • The GSPN Lost Podcast recently interviewed Bonnie Covel of lost.about.com which is definitely worth a listen. Bonnie is extremley knowledgeable about the show and covering Lost is her day job.

    Download it (MP3)

  • Clay and Chris of The Dharma Dummies do a character analysis of John Locke which should be a good listen for any fans of Locke. These are the same guys who bring their grandmothers on to the podcast occasionally, which I love.

    Download it (MP3)

  • As for upcoming shows, The Lost Flashbacks is changing nights from Monday back to Thursday (or that’s what it seems like for now.) They are all set to record a new show tonight, live on TalkShoe at 9pm EST. Be sure to join.

  • The Transmission is preparing to record a podcast reviewing Season 4. They are looking for people to call in and discuss the season. Check it out.
  • The Lost Community Book Club has released their summer and fall reading list. All you book worms will love this. And it will give you a chance to geek out about both Lost and your reading habits. View the list then tune into their podcasts.
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