The Kindness Of Strangers
posted 8 years, 3 months ago. by Audibly Lost to DarkUFO, DCaaPB, Events, LostARGs, Parque Patricios, Simpsons, Streetcar Named Desire, The Hatch

Lost fans are generally nice and friendly people. Having said that there have been plenty of arguments and spats along the way. A few that I know got a bit ugly at times.

Today there was none of that. The story starts with a small group of fans attempting to collect all 16 prints being released over on One of them, “ReverendMilo,” (track his progress collecting the posters here) did not show up on the DarkUFO forums or today after “The Hatch” was released. There was no mention of him buying the print, and as they quickly began to sell out there was fear that perhaps he wouldn’t get it.

So DarkUFO poster “Hefty” bought the print for ReverendMilo, a $61 purchase, without hesitation or even a request from Milo to do so. He simply did it because he didn’t want Milo to loose his shot at getting all 16 posters. Minutes later “The Hatch” sold out. Another user on the DarkUFO forums, “Smokey,” didn’t have the money available to buy the print today, but desperately wanted it, so another user, “deneph” bought it for Smokey. At least two other people offered to do the same thing.

It doesn’t end there. Earlier this week, as clues about Parque Patricios were being released, I emailed a blogger in the Buenos Aires neighborhood to see if he had any ideas about the URL reveal. He didn’t. Nor does he even watch Lost. We exchanged a few friendly emails and that was that.

Today I emailed him a bit after the Parque Patricios URL location was revealed. He immediately emailed me back to say that he was heading over to check it out. Sure enough he did, posted about it on his blog, and is thus far the only known person to purposely go to the site to see the mural on behalf of the Lost fan community.

Despite whatever arguments and spats that may arise, things like this are really what can let one “depend on the kindness of strangers.” As corny as that sounds. It’s very easy to make snide comments, taunt someone and generally be an asshole when hiding behind a screen name. It’s a lot harder to go out of your way to help someone to this degree. To do something that actually means physical, real-world-thought and actions.

We are people who have never met in person, likely never will, and have nothing to personally gain from helping each other out. I’m very impressed at all the Lost fans who went above and beyond for each other today, and for Gabriel in Parque Patricios, who isn’t even a fan of Lost. Nice work everyone.

And now, A Streetcar Named Marge: