Five Days of Season 5: "Shotgun Willie"
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In honor of the upcoming Lost Season 5 DVD release, I’m making up for lost time and doing what I should’ve done during Season 5. So for five days in a row I’ll be posting some of the music featured during the season.

To kick it off, from Because You Left, Shotgun Willie by Willie Nelson:

(Note, the version in the show wasn’t on YouTube so I went with the live version danielmagan uploaded.) This is the original version, used on the show:

Every Question Sun Asks In Season 5
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One thing that bugged me about Season 5, especially towards the end, was Sun constantly asking people questions. At times I found myself amazed that almost everything that came out of her mouth was a question. I felt her character was a bit under utilized in Season 5, and that’s what the following video I quickly cut together is aiming to demonstrate.

Yunjin Kim is an excellent actress, and I am really hoping she gets more screen time in Season 6. Hopefully some of Sun’s questions will be answered. And hopefully she’ll have less of them next season.

Here is every question Sun asks in Season 5:

Previously On Lost Performing Live On NPR
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They recorded this live on WNYC on Wednesday prior to their finale performance. The track is titled “Lost In 2 Minutes!” and can be found on their MySpace page.

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