Lost: Every / Gunn
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Lost: The Synchronization

While I think this video takes some liberties as far as the exact details go, it’s an excellent look at the known timeline of the crash as seen through the eyes of the survivors, Desmond and New Otherton. I actually saw this back when it came out, before I started this blog, but stumbled across it again today when putting together my post about recent Lost podcasts and thought it’d be a good addition to Audibly Lost’s archives.

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Lost Jeopardy In A Couple Hours
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UPDATE: I ended up competing and lost. Though I do get a consolation prize, which I’m happy about. I also won $4 (a number, yes, and not a coincidence). Jay, of the Jay and Jack Podcast, won. Take that Amanda! (<3 Amanda. You know I love you.)

UPDATE 2: And a special shout out to Rodimus Ben for all the questions tonight, he is the genius behind all the questions of Lost Jeopardy. Please be sure to check out his blog.

Original Post: In less than two hours Cranky Fanatic will be bringing back Lost Jeopardy! Join live as Amanda, of The Lost Flashbacks Podcast, defends her title in a Lost Podcasting All-Star challenge. The contestants will all receive a painting by Chris Oatley and the match up is sure to prove intense.

To join live go here at 9PM EST. For more info on how to join Cranky Fanatic live click here.