Five Days of Season 5: "Intermezzo"

Day three. Rousseau’s music box, heard playing in This Place Is Death (and previously in Solitary), gives us this gem. From Georges Bizet’s Carmen.

Audio via deathstix on YouTube.

Baggage Claim
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88-Keys, the rapper from Chicago New York, produced wrote this song for the current Lost viral marketing campaign.

Enjoy. Lyrics are here on his blog.

Baggage Claim by 88-keys

Via I Heart My Polo Lifestyle

UPDATE: 88-Keys himself posted this comment:

Hey. Thanks for the promo & pingback. Just a few (minor) corrections to your post though: 1. I’m from New York (born & raised). 2. Needlz actually produced this song. I rapped on it (came up with the lyrics, title & song concept). Thanks for shout & support. Peace!

Sorry for the confusion.

Events of November 1st, 2004 on LOST
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