Predictions: Meet Kevin Johnson
posted 9 years, 10 months ago. by Audibly Lost to Ben, Lost, Meet Kevin Johnson, Michael, Predictions, Walt

Time for predictions about Thursday’s episode of Lost.

  • “Previously on Lost…” will be long because it will have to explain to new viewers why they should even give a fuck about Michael and Walt.
  • Michael and Walt get rescued by a fishing boat which drops them off in Fiji. Michael is then told by some of Ben’s people that instead of suing Oceanic Airlines for millions of dollars he needs to apply for a job as a janitor on a boat going back to the island.
  • Walt is sent away to boarding school care of Ben.
  • Michael gets a shave and a haircut

And the cliffhanger?

  • Michael asks the Captain about the blast doors on the freighter only to find out that they are not blast doors but in-fact maps that fans can piece apart on the internet to help kill an upcoming five week hiatus.