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Official Lost Podcast Fan Combines Podcast With Finale Scene

A fan of The Official Lost Podcast combined The Frozen Donkey Wheel scene from There’s No Place Like Home with the comments Damon and Carlton made about it when they announced the scene. PLUS they included a recent Carlton banjo riff.

Via Lostpedia Forums

Thanks to KittyLili for sending this in.

Oceanic 6 Diorama

In last week’s Official Lost Podcast Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discussed the Oceanic Six diorama they commissioned to help sell ABC Executives on the idea of extending There’s No Place Like Home another hour. The above image is the diorama, which I found in a gallery on the LA Times website (the gallery also included spoilerish images which is why I’m not linking to it directly.) Listen to the entire podcast here, or this excerpt where they discuss the diorama:

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