Expanded Coverage & The Middlecast
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As you may have noticed I’ve begun posting about ABC Family’s The Middleman. I’ll be covering audio elements featured on the show on the blog, and am happy to announce that I am recording the very first Middleman-based podcast! (at least as far as I can tell) The first episode has been recorded, and is embedded in this post. The second (and real first) episode will be live, on Talkshoe, this Monday evening immediately after the show airs. Join me, my co-host for the first episode (Jamie of Lost Causes), and (hopefully) others in a group discussion about the pilot episode at 9pm EST, June 16th (just after The Middleman premieres).

To join live hit up The Middlecast page on TalkShoe. Hope to see you there!

Minor Thing
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I’ve been having some bandwidth issues so if you have problems loading an audio clip be patient, or try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have been doing my best to keep up with the surge in visitors over the past couple weeks due to some of my recent articles, particularly the interview I did with Kris White and the “A Tale Of Two Spoilers” article. Both have drawn a lot of traffic and the heart of the blog, it’s audio roots, have suffered. I am doing my best to remedy this (at a cost :s) so stick with me through this one.

Thanks for your patience.


R.I.P. Courthouse Square
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I know this veers from typical stuff I post here, but the loss yesterday, of Back To The Future’s Courthouse Square, prompted me to post this video.

If you have never bothered to see Back To The Future I would urge you to not watch this clip. However, if you actually haven’t seen it then I could honestly care less if you get spoiled by this clip as you have much bigger problems than being spoiled via blog posts.

R.I.P. Clock Tower.