Six questions about Lost’s Danielle Rousseau
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TV Squad has posted a nice article speculating the fate and purpose of Danielle Rousseau. Here’s some of it:

Shouldn’t Danielle have seen the ambush coming? Rousseau didn’t land on the island yesterday; she’s fully aware of the Others’ potential for evildoing. I find it hard to believe that a woman who (supposedly) survived on the island for sixteen years would walk into an ambush without being suspicious. Even Karl questioned Ben’s motives for sending them into the jungle, for crying out loud! I understand that Danielle thought leaving the Barracks was the best way to protect Alex, but why was she so quick to trust Ben, the man who abducted her daughter? Rousseau may be crazy, but she’s not stupid. Remember how paranoid she was when Sayid first encountered her? She had traps set up all around her camp and didn’t trust anyone. How did this gun-wielding survivor turn into a sitting duck three seasons later?

Via TV Squad – Read the full article here.

Taller Not-Ghost Malcolm
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Malcolm David Kelly’s voice has changed, that much is clear. What remains a mystery is how we will see him re-appear on the show, though at this point I’m guessing it will have to only be in flash-forwards.

Via TV Guide

Wayne’s Take On Lost – Episode 6
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Not too crazy about this podcast, only because it deals with stuff that has been extensively covered on other podcasts, blogs, etc. (regarding Meet Kevin Johnson.) Still, I really like the fact that it’s short and I’m sure that will be appealing to a lot of listeners. This is also the only episode of his show I’ve heard so far. Wayne seems to have a good perspective and set of opinions about the show and he is one of the few people who seem to be podcasting during this 5-week hiatus until the show resumes April 24th (10:00pm EST). Here’s Wayne’s take on Lost:

Via Wayne’s Take On LOST

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