The Middlecast Episode 9.5: The Mary Pat Publication Substitution
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In this very special HALF episode of the Middlecast, Speaker talks with MARY PAT GLEASON who plays Ida on “THE MIDDLEMAN!”

But before you enjoy this spectacularly awesome interview Speaker would like to say a few things: FIRST – He KNOWS Tom Baker’s run on Doctor Who technically went to ’81, but he didn’t mention him because he thinks of him as a ’70s Doctor. So no need for corrective e-mails! SECOND – These are important sites from this podcast:


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This week’s podcast will be: The Middlecast Episode 10: The Andy Reaser Re-Animation Retribution

Andy Reaser (Middleman writer) is returning to The Middlecast to discuss Monday’s episode of The Middleman: The Vampiric Puppet Lamentation

Make sure to listen to our first interview with Andy before submitting questions for him so you don’t repeat something that’s already been asked and please join us live to chat with Andy about his latest episode of The Middleman and anything else we happen to discuss. The podcast is going to record this Tuesday @ 9pm EST.

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