"LOST" Fans, Tired Of Waiting For ABC’s ARG To Get Rolling, Create Their Own
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Two websites, Lostpedia.com and LostARGs.com, have begun a “Lost” related clue hunt in collaboration with each other. At this point the full nature of the clue hunt remains unclear and there are few details about it other than the name of the game, which now appears to be “Slovaltine Clues.”

The first puzzle can be found hidden in this post. And the second puzzle, posted today, is the first clear collaboration between the two sites. The puzzle requires you to use the image provided at LostARGs.com to decode the message found on the Lostpedia blog.

Personally I think this is a really cool way for fans to kill time as many are becoming extremely impatient with the ARG that ABC is doing right now. Let’s see where it takes us. Good Hunting.

Lost: Open Source
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This is a funny thread over on the Lostpedia forums. It invites users to write Lost as if it were code. Here’s an example:

Via Lostpedia Forums

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As much as I love Dr. Zoidberg (VWOOT VWOOT), he’s more of a Bernard, not Jack. Jack is totally Bender… with the beard and drinking problems. And it makes so much sense in this context… Bender is Future-Angry-Crazy-Drunken-Jack!… better yet… he’s Jack Bender. Hahahah. That’s awesome. Jack Bender. *sigh*

Via Lostpedia Forums

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