Naveen Andrews Rocks Out
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Here’s some footage of Naveen Andrews at The Roxy in LA May 29th.

“On stage with Mark McGrath, Dave Navarro, and a host of rock luminaries for the final bow of Camp Freddy Mayhem….”

Via The ODI and EW

"Previously On Lost" Live – Part 2: Preludes To Rescue
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UPDATE: Part Three is now up.

To read Part One of this story click here.

8:10pm – On line. Those of us waiting to see Previously On Lost stood out among the group on the sidewalk. The Knitting Factory is very much a part of the punk scene now, attracting fashionably (or unfashionably?) punk people. At the front of the line there was commotion between a security guard and a young man adorned with a mohawk, piercings and other distinguishable body art.

“…this is really stupid!” yelled Mohawk.

“The sign is right there,” said the guard firmly as he pointed to a printout taped on the door. “No re-entry! You can’t keeping coming in and out. If you’re gonna wait outside get behind the red rope.”

No re-entry? It seemed the club was to become my island for the evening, with the draw bridges raised. I decided I better heed the warning and smoke a cigarette. In Bloomberg’s New York it could be hours before I would get another chance. I got behind the red rope.

Mohawk guy wasn’t happy. The security guard didn’t seem to be having a good day either. He shouted across the line.

“Everyone get your IDs out and open up your bags!”

Once I was back on line I showed him my ID, and moments later had a wrist band, necessary, if I was planning on buying any drinks, which I was. Once inside I walked over to the ticket booth and bought myself a ticket for the show, which had yet to start, despite the 8:00 show time. [-$10]

The ticket-lady pointed me to the show, and then pointed me to the bar, where I would need to wait until the doors opened. No problem. I bought a Corona, which set me back more than I was hoping it would. I made a mental note to avoid imports for my next round. [-$7]

Drink in hand, I felt it was as good a time as any to start socializing. I approached two ladies.

“Hey, so I guess you guys are fans of Lost?”

“She’s the fan, not me.” The shorter one said.

“Ah, and how’d you hear about the show?” I asked the taller one. Looking back, I guess I was hoping she would answer that she found this awesome blog, Audibly Lost and after she read about the show she knew she had to come. The reality was dreary, however.

The New York Times, you?”

Audibly Lost. It’s this blog I ran across. Really cool. You should check it out. That’s A-U-D-I-B-L-Y, Lost, Dot Com.” Shameless, I know.

The short one asked me for the time. 8:30. Everyone was getting impatient for the show to start. Five minutes later we found ourselves in a river of bodies flooding into the venue, I lost the two girls in the shuffle, which I didn’t really care about at that point. My Corona was dry so I wanted to re-fuel before things got under way. One Pabst later [-$3] I was in the crowd and staring at the stage. [Note: This marks the demise of the $21.]

The stage was decked out with palm trees and a belly dancer (not real, though a real doll) holding a microphone. I recalled Hurley’s birthday party. After more than 25 minutes or so of waiting, activity! The show was threatening to begin. Band members took the stage; the crowd started cheering; instruments were tuned. And then, from the back of the crowd, “Oceanic 815” (bearing a resemblance to the Space Shuttle) crash landed on stage. The lead singers, Jeff and Adam, emerged just in time to stomp and tear the cardboard aircraft to pieces, beginning the show.

I was amped. What followed was more than an hour of bliss for any Lost fan.

Stay tuned for a re-cap of the re-cap band’s set. I know I promissed two parts. But the music itself deserves its own post, free of my awkward conversations and ramblings about free money. Stay tuned.

To check out Previously On Lost online, visit their MySpace page. Keep an eye out for Part Three of this story in which I actually talk about the music and performance of Previously On Lost last Sunday (June 1st) at The Knitting Factory. To read Part One of this story click here.

UPDATE: Part Three is now up.

"Previously On Lost" Live – Part 1: Money Train
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UPDATE: Part Two is up. Read it here.

Previously On Lost is a band that re-caps each episode of Lost. They had a show Sunday, June 1st at The Knitting Factory in Manhattan. The following is the story of how I got to the show. Parts Two and Three are about the show itself.

7:10pm – So began my lonely walk to the subway station.

I was in this one for the long haul. Add to that, the A train was not running due to repairs. I weighed taking the temporary replacement shuttle bus with simply walking to the nearest in-service station and opted with the latter.

Two blocks later the shuttle bus came roaring past me with its bright yellow “SHUTTLE BUS – A TRAIN” lights mocking my decision to walk. I was not happy. However, my luck soon changed.

That’s right folks. $21. On the ground, right in front of me.

Yes. No joke. $21, found on the sidewalk. [+$21]

As I entered the train station there was a guy begging for spare change. When I saw him, I rolled my eyes, I knew I couldn’t just pass him knowing that, in addition to finding a twently dollar bill, the heavens had also thrown in a single. So I gave him the dollar and kept the twenty for myself.

I managed to feel both proud of the decision, and guilty all at once. Proud, for the $1 donation. Guilty, because I considered taking a picture of him not getting the other $20 with my $300 camera for this blog post….

…And maybe he needed the $20 more than I did. [-$1]

I had a full MetroCard, so I wasn’t forced to use street money to get on the subway, however, moments after I swiped my card I was greeted by an evil-foreshadowing-poster of my return voyage.

I hopped on the elevator as two other public transport riders followed me in. They were chatting away about something I attempted to eavesdrop on, but was completely unable to. They didn’t even notice me taking pictures as we descended to the IRT.

Moments later the train was coming. With 45 minutes to spare so I was well on my way without spending any more of my new found $21, now down to $20.

An (iPod) album later I found myself in Tribeca, making my way towards The Knitting Factory, and what would be an evening that neither I, nor the caching algorithms of Google, would ever forget.

Stay tuned for the second and third parts of this story. With them comes the demise of the $21 (now $20) and the real meat, a review of Previously On Lost’s show that was performed June 1st at The Knitting Factory. Consider this post the teaser.

For more info about Previously On Lost visit their MySpace page.

UPDATE: Part Two is up. Read it here.

UPDATE: Part Three is now up.

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