An “Audibly Lost” featurette: Jay and Jack
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Enjoy this “Audibly Lost” featurette, featuring Jay and Jack from The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack.

The Jay and Jack featurette uses some of the footage shot for “Audibly Lost.” This is the first time you will be seeing extended material shot for the documentary.

The featurette introduces the duo’s relationship with Kris White (of The Official Lost Podcast) along with Jack’s “crackpot theories.” There is also a bit of footage from their 30-hour charity podcast and from their finale party in Los Angeles.

In addition to Jay, Jack, and Kris, we hear from Michael Emerson, Axel Foley of the Lost Mythos Podcast, Josh and Amanda of The Lost Flashbacks Podcast, Ralph from The Dharmalars, and an avid Jay and Jack fan, Natasha Fray.

Enjoy your first extended look at footage gathered in the making of Audibly Lost!

Official Lost Podcast Fan Combines Podcast With Finale Scene

A fan of The Official Lost Podcast combined The Frozen Donkey Wheel scene from There’s No Place Like Home with the comments Damon and Carlton made about it when they announced the scene. PLUS they included a recent Carlton banjo riff.

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Thanks to KittyLili for sending this in.

Wow. Lostpedia <3’s Kris White.
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Click the image to read my interview, which Lostpedia is referring to. 😉

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