Lost Music: Xanadu
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A song that pops up in Eggtown as Hurley checks out New Otherton’s U-Matic tape collection. Olivia Newton-John’s Xanadu. Enjoy:

DocArzt’s Sawyer Figure Sold For $260.88
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The Sawyer figure signed by Josh Holloway, placed on ebay by DocArzt, sold today for $260.88. I was predicting it would bring in a bit more, but unfortunately it did not. Still, given the circumstances under which the toy was sold I think it’s a good selling price and given that it was signed on-set by Holloway I’d say that’s a great deal. Congratulations to the winning bidder and to DocArzt. Hopefully he will have other cool items going up for auction soon.

Via Ebay

DocArzt Under Hard Times
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Lost blogger and news-man DocArzt is experiencing some hard times, financially. He’s going as far as to eBay a toy he had signed by Josh Holloway that he picked up for his kid last year when visiting the cast and crew of Lost. For DocArzt’s sake I hope he can bring in more than the $150 current-bid. My guess is it’ll end up at about $300-$350 (the bidding ends the 15th)…. Someone help ‘ol Arzt out and get bidding on this one. Lord knows if he signed it it’d be earning double after all he’s done for Lost fans.

I’ll try and report in on how much the final bid went for next week.

Via DocArzt