Geeky Tom Explains Jim Robinson Joke
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The guys on Sky One’s Lost Initiative Podcast always call Widmore Jim Robinson. While I didn’t know who Jim Robinson was, I always assumed it was some character that Alan Dale played. Geeky Tom elaborates.

I have heard that a few people haven’t been getting the whole “Jim Robinson” thing. The reason we all joke on the podcast about Alan Dale/Charles Widmore being Jim Robinson is because when we were younger he was a character on an Australian soap called Neighbours. Pretty much everyone in the UK grew up watching it, well me Iain and Paul obviously did, hence why we find it so amusing.

So to the people that think we have absolutely no idea what we are talking about, I say this: Half that time you are correct, but I’m afraid on this occasion we are just messing around. We know that he’s really called Charles Widmore, bloody hell, I never thought I would have to explain this one. lol

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Here is their latest podcast, the last for the season:

(Oh and you definitely want to listen to the end.)

After Lost: There’s No Place Like Home (Part 2/3)
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Oh boy. This one is probably the best yet. I don’t know if I just laughed, or managed to utter “wow” prior to laughing. Either way, I liked it. Now click on the picture and read it.

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Lost Season 5: The One Week Later Season 5×02
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