Five Days Of Season 5: "Coconut Telegraph"
posted 8 years, 1 month ago. by Audibly Lost to Coconut Telegraph, Five Days Of Season 5, Jimmy Buffett, LaFleur, Lost, Lost Music, Season 5

The final song Audibly Lost will be featuring for the Season 5 DVD release, which was yesterday, is Coconut Telegraph, by Jimmy Buffett. While the song itself isn’t in Season 5, it is referenced by Sawyer, during a conversation with Amy, in LaFleur.

Amy: We had a fight. [Sighs]

Sawyer: Must’ve been a doozy.

Amy: Please, Jim. It’s personal.

Sawyer: Personal? You think this isn’t gonna get out? It’ll be on the coconut telegraph by breakfast.

Audio via I0rg0Jean on YouTube.
Episode dialogue via Lostpedia.