Jay And Jack Give Us ‘Pure Feedback’
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Good to hear all the theories these people call in with to let Jay and Jack discuss. Of note, at the head of the podcast, Jay and Jack mention an upcoming TalkShoe podcast and Jack says: “I think we might have a little Daniel— uh, Danielle, ahh.. debate?”

Now, if you’ve been following you know that they were planning a live call in with Daniel Dae Kim during their 25-hour podcast but that ended up getting botched by TalkShoe. Could they have been dropping a hint that DDK would be dropping in during this live show? I recall them saying they’d try to make it up to us soon… perhaps this is it. Anyway, enough podcast theories… here’s the show:

Via Lost Podcast With Jay And Jack

Barenaked Hurley: Don’t Have Island Love
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To the tune of You can’t hurry Love by Phil Collins.

And the video!:

Also, word has it that there are two brand spanking new Barenaked Hurley songs coming soon on upcoming Jay and Jack podcasts. But you didn’t hear that from me. <_< Via Barenaked Hurley

Passover Coke
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Fans of “Mexican Coke” (no, not cocaine you fiends) … or “Coca-Cola with sucrose” will be happy to know that the time of year to stock up on 2-liters has come. People living in New York and Chicago should keep an eye out for a limited run of the soda of yellow capped Coca-Cola, which means it’s safe for passover. The yellow cap indicates that the soda contains sucrose, not fructose as well. This means it tastes much better (it’s how they used to make it back in the day… after the cocaine days, prior to the fructose days.)

Jorge Garcia recently chatted about Mexican Coke in the Jay & Jack 25-hour autism podcast I posted about a few weeks ago as well. Unfortunately for people in Hawaii, Passover Coke may be hard to come by.

Image via Off The Broiler

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