An “Audibly Lost” featurette: Jay and Jack
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Enjoy this “Audibly Lost” featurette, featuring Jay and Jack from The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack.

The Jay and Jack featurette uses some of the footage shot for “Audibly Lost.” This is the first time you will be seeing extended material shot for the documentary.

The featurette introduces the duo’s relationship with Kris White (of The Official Lost Podcast) along with Jack’s “crackpot theories.” There is also a bit of footage from their 30-hour charity podcast and from their finale party in Los Angeles.

In addition to Jay, Jack, and Kris, we hear from Michael Emerson, Axel Foley of the Lost Mythos Podcast, Josh and Amanda of The Lost Flashbacks Podcast, Ralph from The Dharmalars, and an avid Jay and Jack fan, Natasha Fray.

Enjoy your first extended look at footage gathered in the making of Audibly Lost!

Initial Reaction Roundup: There’s No Place Like Home (Part 2/3)

Well folks, it’s over. I’m sure all of you have plenty to say about the finale of Season 4, There’s No Place Like Home. You are not alone. The podcast community has been buzzing the past couple of days. Here is a large selection of initial reaction podcasts discussing There’s No Place Like Home:

Obviously this is just a sampling of the many podcasts discussing the finale, but I felt this would be enough to hold people over until deeper analysis of the episode starts coming in next week.

Pre-Finale Podcast Roundup

With the finale now less than a week away Lost fans are doing their best to hype themselves up for the event. Despite the fact that there was no episode this week there was in no way a shortage of podcasts released. Here are some that may hold you over until next Thursday:

  • Official Lost Podcast – The final podcast of the season. :( As happy as I am to have it I will miss the almost weekly updates from Damon and Carlton: Listen!

  • Jay and Jack – They podcasted this week, ’nuff said: Listen
  • The Hydracooler – Well, I have nothing but praise for this podcast because I’m a big fan of one of the hosts, Emily, who I know from Big-O’s podcast. I’m really excited that she’s podcasting and she’s got a great couple of people podcasting with her. Of note, they will be doing a podcast with The Lost Community soon as well: Listen
  • The Lost Community (Book Club): This week they finally get to the Valis podcast they’ve been plugging: Enjoy it!
  • Cranky Fanatic – This week on Cranky Fanatic there was a group commentary of “Meet Kevin Johnson.” I managed to make an appearance and complain about things in true Cranky Fanatic fasion: Listen (and watch with it)
  • The Lostmeister – Josh did an audio version of the first part of the interview I did with Kris White this week. Of note all of my questions were played by his wife… does that make me the Audmeister? or maybe conjoshted? This has left me in an utter state of confusion and identity crisis, have a listen: Click this to hear stuff
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