Lost Music: Xanadu
posted 9 years, 7 months ago. by Audibly Lost to Eggtown, Hurley, Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Lost, Lost Music, Music, New Otherton, Olivia Newton John, Sawyer, Season 4, Xanadu

A song that pops up in Eggtown as Hurley checks out New Otherton’s U-Matic tape collection. Olivia Newton-John’s Xanadu. Enjoy:

Lost Music: Moonlight Serenade
posted 9 years, 9 months ago. by Audibly Lost to A Tale of Two Cities, Hurley, Lost, Lost Music, Sayid, The Long Con

Moonlight Serenade was featured in The Long Con and A Tale Of Two Cities. This big band rendition written by Glen Miller is sure go down well with many Lost fans, especially for its scene in the The Long Con. Sayid, having completed fixing a radio, sits down on the beach with Hurley as the music begins to play. Hurley jokes that the music could be coming from a different “time” as it eerily plays over the radio. Here it is, enjoy:

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