Lostpedia IRC Debate League
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Have some strong opinions about Lost? Willing to scream (by typing in all-caps) at others because their opinions about the show are just plain stupid? Then the Lostpedia IRC Debate this Sunday might be for you. The debate takes place in Lostpedia’s IRC chatroom and the this week’s topic is “MYTHOLOGY OR CHARACTERS: WHICH IS CORE TO THE SUCCESS OF LOST?”

To view previous debates check out the debate transcripts here. To join in on a debate go to this thread on the Lostpedia forums for more info.

More "What?" From Hurley
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In response to a question about the recent Lost “What?” video, Jorge Garcia had this to say about one of the remaining Season 4 episodes:

I’ve gotten this in a few emails. It’s pretty funny. But it came to soon because I just had a doozy of a “what” in something I shot a couple of days ago.

Via The Fuselage

Forum Drama: Doc Arzt Supports Free Speech
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Apparently some Lost boards are getting possesive about where their members obsess over Lost. In a recent blog post DocArzt encourages his base to be careful about who they invite to his forums. If anyone finds out the forum that it is actually enforcing their “no advertising” policies against DocArzt shoot me an email because I’d love to make fun of their admins.

As for DocArzt’s policy: “…let’s face it… the Lost community is vast, and fans should be free to talk wherever they want, on however many boards or blogs as they want.”

Amen Reverend!

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