"Lost" pr[zero]n Found
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Lost pr0n gets around it seems. Apparently the same fake magazine was used both on Lost and on In Plain Sight. I guess once ABC was done with the mag it passed it over to NBC.

So I went back online and grabbed a screen capture of that Playpen magazine which was seen in the final minutes of last night’s premiere of ‘In Plain Sight’. And save for a reworking of the cover script, it looks to be the same issue that Charlie found while rooting about in Sawyer’s stash on ‘Lost’ in “Flashes Before Your Eyes”:

[Far right and left are from ‘Lost’. Center is from ‘In Plain Sight’.]

So I’d say we have a definite crossover. My splainin for the difference in the text? Each issue was geared to a different market in the world. The one we saw from ‘In Plain Sight’ was sold in the Albuquerque area, while Sawyer probably picked his up at the airport in Sydney, Australia.

I can’t imagine what the condition of this magazine is going to be when CBS gets it. And The CW should probably use gloves when it gets around to them, that is if 80% of the pages haven’t been yanked out already.

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Lost Music: Wonderwall
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This song, sung by Charlie in Flashes Before Your Eyes and Greatest Hits, is a Lost classic as far as I’m concerned. Drive Shaft, Charlie’s fictional band on Lost, was inspired by the group Oasis (who are also fellow Mancunians) so it was only natural that they’d get a shout out like this on the show. Enjoy Oasis’s Wonderwall:

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