"Lost" Podcast Roundup

A few new podcasts this week, with more expected during and after ComicCon next week. Dharmalars did a “ComicCon Survival Guide” and Dharma Dummies released part two of their Desmond character analysis. The Lost Flashbacks finally recorded their Lost spinoff themed show which is not to be missed and The Hydracooler revisited House Of The Rising Sun.

Darlton NAB Session Info Coming In
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Very exciting stuff (minor spoiler warning!):

Some highlight’s from this morning’s Q&A at the National Assn. of Broadcasters confab with “Lost” stewards Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

We will find out more back story as to why the late Libby was in the same mental hospital with Hurley, prior to the plane crash, and presumably after she gave her boat to Desmond for the race.

Will we at some point catch up with Emma and Zack, the two kids from the tail section group of survivors who were kidnapped by the Others in season 2’s “The Other 48 Days.”

To the question of whether we’ll ever see Katey Sagal’s Helen character (Locke’s former flame) again, Darlton indicated that they hoped so.

To the question of whether the DeGroots, the hirsute couple who founded the Dharma Initiative, are still alive, Cuse and Lindelof paused a bit and then pressed for more specificity on the time frame of the question. As of where the time line of “Lost” will be when the series returns on April 24, Darlton would only say: “One of them is.”

Lindelof let it be known that in a recent episode when one of the castaways (Locke? Hurley? Sawyer? I can’t remember offhand) asked Ben if he knew what the island’s smoke monster really was and Ben responded that he didn’t know — big lie. “Ben was lying about the smoke monster,” Lindelof said.

And once again, Darlton made it clear that they do in fact have a blueprint for the series, stem to stern, and that “the last scene has been in our heads for a long period of time.”

More to come from the sesh, which mostly focused on big-picture business issues and production processes, once I transcribe the tape.

So to re-cap here are the major points:

  • More info on Libby in the institution with Hurley.
  • More of Zach and Emma to come.
  • D&C hope to bring “Helen” back at some point.
  • One of the DeGroots is still alive as of 4.09.
  • Ben was lying when he said he didn’t know what the smoke monster was.
  • The final scene of the series “has been in our heads for a long period of time.”

Via Variety Blog

Damon And Carlton To Give NAB Keynote Tomorrow
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Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are giving a keynote at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) conference in Las Vegas tomorrow. Hopefully there will be audio of this popping up soon and maybe there will even be some details about the future of Lost. The keynotes/conferences are always pretty entertaining (as are their podcasts) as these guys have good charisma and know how to work a crowd pretty well. Anyone attending? Feel free to send in audio if you do. :)


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