Giacchino Interview In Los Angeles Times
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On “Star Trek” — the biggest minefield of his three summer films, because of the baggage and fan expectations — Giacchino started composing a year ago and quickly ran into a creative wall trying to write “space adventure music” to match the classic themes of five TV series and 10 movies.

Only when “Star Trek” co-producer (and “Lost” show-runner) Damon Lindelof suggested that Giacchino reset his thinking to the idea that it was “a story about two guys who become best friends” was the composer freed to come up with themes. For Kirk he offered “a sense of building, and of inevitability,” says Abrams, and for Spock “something sad,” says Giacchino, “with a voice that felt alien, not of our place,” that led to the choice of the Chinese stringed erhu as lead instrument.

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Where To Send Darlton Questions
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For some reason I’ve been getting questions for Damon and Carlton this week. Please don’t send them to us as this blog has no connection to the producers of the show, and is unable to forward questions to them. Instead use this post as a guide for sending questions into the show. Basically all questions for Damon and Carlton should be sent to “Ask Lost” on

Also keep in mind that they have already recorded the last podcast for the season, so your question probably won’t be answered for a long time… still, good luck.

Official Lost Podcast Fan Combines Podcast With Finale Scene

A fan of The Official Lost Podcast combined The Frozen Donkey Wheel scene from There’s No Place Like Home with the comments Damon and Carlton made about it when they announced the scene. PLUS they included a recent Carlton banjo riff.

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Thanks to KittyLili for sending this in.

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