The Middlecast Episodes 7 & 8

Listen in as we discuss Comic-Con (in episode 7) and speak with Middleman writer Sarah Watson (episode 8).

The Middlecast Episode 7: The Comic-Con Colloquium Pilgrimage! – Listen as meat trucks explode, Jordan Rosenberg sleeps and Jonathan Frakes & Avery Brooks get smashed as Speaker gives us his play-by-play of Comic-Con which includes SPECIAL coverage of The Middleman Comic-Con panel. Then keep listening as we discuss The Cursed Tuba Contingency and chat with some callers.

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The Middlecast Episode 8: With Special Guest Sarah Watson! – This week we had a lot to discuss and did it with none other than Middleman writer Sarah Watson! Sarah fends off our questions about The Ectoplasmic Panhellenic Investigation and also takes time to discuss writing for The Middleman. This is not to be missed, Middlefans!

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Comic-Con/Giacchino DVD Clip
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Hey everyone. There’s tons of stuff coming in from Comic-con but I’m going to hold off from posting it all now, and wait until its done. The Middleman panel sounded awesome and hopefully Speaker will be able to tell us about it soon or in the next Middlecast.

There’s plenty of Lost news as well. For now I leave you with this clip from our favorite composer Michael Giacchino:

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"Lost" Podcast Roundup

A few new podcasts this week, with more expected during and after ComicCon next week. Dharmalars did a “ComicCon Survival Guide” and Dharma Dummies released part two of their Desmond character analysis. The Lost Flashbacks finally recorded their Lost spinoff themed show which is not to be missed and The Hydracooler revisited House Of The Rising Sun.