DCAAPB: Poster 11 Letter/Comic Reward
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Today I received a package for being the first order of poster 11, Walt’s Kidnapping. The folks at “Ronnie Midfew Arts” were kind enough to send me a signed copy of the first issue of Damon Lindelof’s Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk. Many thanks to all involved.

Here’s the letter:

It seems as if the clue for the next reveal is the word “Super.”

And the comic:

I haven’t taken it out of the cardboard yet. I’m not quite sure where I’m going to keep this yet, as I just put my childhood comic book collection into storage. But it will find a safe place somewhere around here very soon, and when the time comes I’ll take more pictures. Thanks again to those that organized this.

"Lost" Podcast Roundup

A few new podcasts this week, with more expected during and after ComicCon next week. Dharmalars did a “ComicCon Survival Guide” and Dharma Dummies released part two of their Desmond character analysis. The Lost Flashbacks finally recorded their Lost spinoff themed show which is not to be missed and The Hydracooler revisited House Of The Rising Sun.

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As much as I love Dr. Zoidberg (VWOOT VWOOT), he’s more of a Bernard, not Jack. Jack is totally Bender… with the beard and drinking problems. And it makes so much sense in this context… Bender is Future-Angry-Crazy-Drunken-Jack!… better yet… he’s Jack Bender. Hahahah. That’s awesome. Jack Bender. *sigh*

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