"Previously On Lost" Season 4 Lyrics
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Previously On Lost, the band I’ve been blogging about this week, has posted lyrics of their The Tale of Season 4 and the Oceanic Six album on their my space page. Here is a sample (with audio):

How does Penny’s dad know of the backup plans Ben had?

the Widmeister always knows what’s occurring
whenever there is trouble stirring choppers are a-whiring
and the camouflaged men are conferring

Best Found Friends stick together (through whatever)
Sharing moms and hanging out dead dad’s wakes
Best Found Friends stick together (forever)
Let you grab the last piece of surprise birthday cakes (oh those are the best!)

Leading, the way against doctors orders
Mr. Mom and Genghis Khan tell them why Claire wasn’t there
the camouflaged men are longing for their quarters

This is the way to enter the station:
Go in through the hole there and go left 20 paces till you see a
Patch of anthuriums in alcove near the north wall.
Reach down with your left hand and activate the elevator that takes you down to the real orchid station!

I’ll be posting Part Three of my trip to see Previously On Lost live tomorrow. To listen to Previously On Lost and purchase their new album visit their MySpace page. The live song recorded last Sunday is on their MySpace page as a free download at the moment so make sure to grab it.

Via POL’s Blog on MySpace

Jorge Garcia On Moonlit Water
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Jorge Garcia let readers of his blog in on how they created moonlit water in the studio shooting the nighttime raft scenes in the finale.

Here’s a cool little behind the scenes thing. The night scene in the raft was shot in studio instead of on water. And we were all thankful for it. But to make the appearance of moonlit water behind our head they rigged this. A large frame with plastic wrap around it. And the grips would shake it to make “waves.”

Via Dispatches From The Island

Minor Thing
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I’ve been having some bandwidth issues so if you have problems loading an audio clip be patient, or try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have been doing my best to keep up with the surge in visitors over the past couple weeks due to some of my recent articles, particularly the interview I did with Kris White and the “A Tale Of Two Spoilers” article. Both have drawn a lot of traffic and the heart of the blog, it’s audio roots, have suffered. I am doing my best to remedy this (at a cost :s) so stick with me through this one.

Thanks for your patience.


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