"The Incident" Greek Text Translated
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That’s right folks, I’ve managed not to blog almost all season because I was saving my effort for now (even though I actually did little to no work on translating this myself)… it was some nice people (who don’t even watch Lost) on a Debian Linux chat room (specifically user gvaiou) through which I was able to get the Ancient Greek text from last night’s episode translated. It’s from The Odyssey book 6, when Odysseus washes up on the shore of Skheria and speaks with Nausicaa, who aids him. The line, translated as “May heaven grant you in all things your heart’s desire,” is part of what Odysseus says to Nausicaa as he is thanking her for clothing and food.

“And now, O queen, have pity upon me, for you are the first person I have met, and I know no one else in this country. Show me the way to your town, and let me have anything that you may have brought here to wrap your clothes in. May heaven grant you in all things your heart’s desire – husband, house, and a happy, peaceful home; for there is nothing better in this world than that man and wife should be of one mind in a house. It discomfits their enemies, makes the hearts of their friends glad, and they themselves know more about it than any one.”

I reached out the Debian guys while searching for translations last night and by morning I had an answer waiting for me. Special shout out to Joshmeister from The Lostmeister blog and podcast who was recording his podcast when I began looking, I joined him for the podcast and we discussed this quite a bit, though didn’t have the final translation.

Obviously a lot more work can be done interpreting this and perhaps going through that portion of the Odyssey in detail (which I have not done by any means) so it will be cool to see what people make of this.

Here it is:

The Middlecast Absence Acknowledgment
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Hello Middlecast fans. Yes, we have been gone for a while… and yes… we haven’t uploaded all of our recorded podcasts… but now we are proud to offer you the single most revealing podcast of the season!

Episode 12: The Rosenberg Conversational Cross-Examination

Any why is this Middlecast so revealing, you ask? Because Jordan Rosenberg joins us again to discuss The Middlefinale! Check it out here:

Download The Middlecast Episode 12 (MP3)

…But WAIT! That is not all my fellow Middleaudiophiles. There are two Middlecasts that have not been addressed specifically on this here so-called “blog.”

First, is our interview with Margaret Dunlap, who discusses the second-to-last episode of The Middleman with us in The Discomfitting Dunlap Deposition. While it is not our final cast with a writer, it is our penultimate cast with one… one that is extremley important in understanding the workings of a Middlestaffwriter!

Download The Middlecast Episode 11 (MP3)

And finally, if you haven’t been following all the other Middlecast sites like you should have been to get all this info, here is Episode 10 of The MiddlecastThe Andy Reaser Re-Animation Retribution. In this episode Andy Reaser visits us AGAIN and discusses the inner-workings of The Middleman writing experience. We also grill him on several topics. Not to be missed.

Download The Middlecast Episode 10 (MP3)

So what do you have here? 3 writers. 3 interviews. And 3 dastardly secret revelations about writing for The Middleman! You shall listen to them all!

Lost Fantasy League Orientation Film And Reminder
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UPDATE: Just a reminder that there is now only ONE WEEK left to sign up. So if you want to join the LFL do so asap. Good luck!

Original Post: Hey everyone, here’s a video G-Man put together reminding people to sign up for The Lost Fantasy League. The video explains everything you need to do to sign up. Make sure to pick Audibly Lost from the list of sites in the pulldown menu!

Click here to sign up.

Remember to select “Audibly Lost” from the pulldown menu of sites to track your stats with other Audibly Lost readers!

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