DCAAPB: Poster 11 Letter/Comic Reward
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Today I received a package for being the first order of poster 11, Walt’s Kidnapping. The folks at “Ronnie Midfew Arts” were kind enough to send me a signed copy of the first issue of Damon Lindelof’s Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk. Many thanks to all involved.

Here’s the letter:

It seems as if the clue for the next reveal is the word “Super.”

And the comic:

I haven’t taken it out of the cardboard yet. I’m not quite sure where I’m going to keep this yet, as I just put my childhood comic book collection into storage. But it will find a safe place somewhere around here very soon, and when the time comes I’ll take more pictures. Thanks again to those that organized this.

108 Things To Do Until Lost: Daily Countdown To Season 6
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My friend Bauer, of After Lost fame, has put together a new website helping desperate fans waiting for the Season 6 Lost premiere. 108 Things To Do Until Lost will have content and activities to help pass that time. From what I’m hearing there’s a lot in store for this site. (Perhaps some things for Lost audiophiles included.)

There’s a detailed post up today, the first official post of the site, outlining how to re-watch the entire series in the time between now and the Season 6 premiere.

This site is one Lost fans should be keeping an eye on in coming weeks as I hear Bauer’s planning a wide range of content.

Baggage Claim
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88-Keys, the rapper from Chicago New York, produced wrote this song for the current Lost viral marketing campaign.

Enjoy. Lyrics are here on his blog.

Baggage Claim by 88-keys

Via I Heart My Polo Lifestyle

UPDATE: 88-Keys himself posted this comment:

Hey. Thanks for the promo & pingback. Just a few (minor) corrections to your post though: 1. I’m from New York (born & raised). 2. Needlz actually produced this song. I rapped on it (came up with the lyrics, title & song concept). Thanks for shout & support. Peace!

Sorry for the confusion.

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