"Previously On Lost" In New York Times & Live Show Announcement
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Awesome news for anyone in New York. The band Previously On Lost will be performing live, tomorrow night at The Knitting Factory, and will perform a song based on There’s No Place Like Home and the rest of Season 4 in its entirety. The show is $10 and you can purchase tickets on Ticketweb.com.

PREVIOUSLY ON LOST Fan-fiction writers have nothing on Adam Schatz and Jeff Curtin, Brooklynites and the founders of what they believe is the world’s first (only?) TV-recap rock band. Technically a duo, Previously on Lost was born about a year ago, when Mr. Schatz, 20, a jazz saxophone studies major at New York University, and Mr. Curtin, 25, who runs a recording studio, decided to parlay their love of “Lost,” the byzantine ABC series about a group of plane-crash survivors on an island, into a musical entity. “The fan base was already there,” Mr. Schatz noted.

Their first effort coincided with the start of the show’s fourth season, early this year. Since then they have watched every new episode (on Thursdays) and, after a marathon Sunday writing session, posted a song about each one to their MySpace page (myspace.com/previouslyonlostmusic) by Monday. Each tune gets thousands of listens. Not quite as large as the television audience, but so what?

“We’ve roped other people into ‘Lost’ who weren’t into the show before, like my grandparents,” Mr. Schatz, above left, said. “The songs still carry even when you don’t know the show, just because they’re really ridiculous.”

On Sunday, for the first time, Previously on Lost will have its premiere as a full-fledged seven-member band, recapping the show’s entire season. “It’s all very abbreviated as far as the growth of the band goes,” Mr. Schatz said. “We skipped that middle step of playing songs for nobody.” Yes, they’re planning to release an album; the song recapping the series finale, shown on Thursday, will be recorded live on Sunday. “There’s going to be some severe audience participation,” Mr. Schatz predicted.

“Lost” is scheduled to last through the spring of 2010; what will Previously on Lost do after its previously scheduled demise? “We’re actually really relieved,” Mr. Schatz said, adding that though they’ve mined all the “Lost” potential in one season, there are always other mediums.

“We really feel we can break the boundaries of what can and can’t be recapped in musical form,” He said. Here’s hoping for “2008 Democratic Primary,” the hip-hopera. (Sunday at 8 p.m., Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard Street, TriBeCa, (866) 468-7619, ticketweb.com; $10.) MELENA RYZIK

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UPDATE: Listen to this NPR interview with the band, conducted earlier today.