MMTV Cribs: Middleman Set Tour
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Okay, when I saw this I thought it was both odd and funny. It’s obviously a play on MTV Cribs, and succeeds tremendously in emulating the style Cribs. Still, it comes off as extremley odd to me… because NONE OF IT’S REAL! (not that much of Cribs is either, come to think of it.)

Via ABC Family

G-Man And ODI discuss LFL On Podcast
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Hey Losties,

Some of you participated in the very successful LOST Fantasy League (LFL)for Season 4 and perhaps some of you have already even signed up for the LOST Fantasy League for Season 5.

Well in this edition of the ODI LOST Podcast our good friend G-Man who runs the LFL at DarkUFO joined us to talk about Season 4 of LOST and answer some of your questions about the new Season 5 LFL.

It was a great time and it is always good to have a guest join us and provide us with another view on LOST.

There are NO spoilers in this podcast so feel free to sit back and relax to listen to us talk LOST and have fun.

Via ODI (<-- Listen here) To sign up for The Lost Fantasy League go to this post (and choose Audibly Lost!)

The Middlecast Episode 2
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Jamie and I are joined again by Speaker this week, in a discussion about last night’s episode of The Middleman. Be sure to listen!

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