Indiana Jones And The Mystery Of The Lost Island
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Via Raven Stake

Lost Season 5: The One Week Later Season 5×01
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Audibly Lost Over The Hiatus
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This post is basically here to give people an idea of what to expect now through Season 5 here at Audibly Lost.

  • Podcast coverage: I will do my best to find interesting podcasts to listen to. Obviously this is going to slow down in a month or two.
  • Audibly Lost Podcast Feed: I’m going to start contacting some podcasters to see about putting together a feed that isn’t as bloated as The Lost Podcasting Network. I have no plans to do my own podcast, but I would like to tie some podcasters to this site in a more official manner.
  • More bloggers: I am still looking for more bloggers to bring news, fan theories, etc. to the blog. I want to keep the momentum I have going as much as possible through the summer.
  • More features: I have a few interviews lined up, and have ideas for a couple articles so expect some interesting reads over the hiatus.
  • Periods of nothing: The fact is I have classes all summer, work all summer, conferences to attend and a couple vacations lined up. I’m pretty damn busy and I’m definitely not going to spend all my free time blogging, even though I have a lot of fun doing it. Because of this expect periods of no posts. My suggestion: ADD THE BLOG TO YOUR RSS FEED. This way you can be notified when there is a new post. To do this use the little buttons on the right side of the page under “Subscribe To Audibly Lost.”

I truly hope everyone enjoys the Season 4 finale tonight. I think Lost Season 4 has been my favorite so far so I’m really stoked to see how they are going to end it.

Have a good summer and check the blog often as we will be posting (and add it to your feeds!)


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