Initial Reaction Roundup: There’s No Place Like Home (Part 2/3)

Well folks, it’s over. I’m sure all of you have plenty to say about the finale of Season 4, There’s No Place Like Home. You are not alone. The podcast community has been buzzing the past couple of days. Here is a large selection of initial reaction podcasts discussing There’s No Place Like Home:

Obviously this is just a sampling of the many podcasts discussing the finale, but I felt this would be enough to hold people over until deeper analysis of the episode starts coming in next week.

Wow. Lostpedia <3’s Kris White.
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Click the image to read my interview, which Lostpedia is referring to. 😉

Via Lostpedia

Lost ROLF – New Fan Website
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I have stumbled across a site called Lost ROLF. It’s great. Users have been submiting their own Lost humor, much of which is in the spirit of icanhascheezburger. There’s tons of Lost gags to mull over.

Enjoy Lost ROFL!

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