You Can Has Cookie, Lost Fans
posted 9 years, 9 months ago. by Audibly Lost to Books, Cranky Fanatic, Lost, Lost Mind Games, Talk Shoe

Anne Dawson, author of Lost Mind Games, has now proven that it is actually possible to get cookies from the internet. It was revealed in the April 2nd edition of The Cranky Fanatic Podcast that the author of the book actually sent Big-O (the host of the podcast) a basket of cookies for doing a show about her book. This is probably internet history and you all should start editing the Wikipiedia cookie page immediately to reflect this monumental moment.

To make things even better she gave each contestant of Lost Jeopardy a copy of her book and she gave the winner, Amanda of The Lost Flashbacks, a basket of cookies as well. Wow. I am amazed by this and Anne Dawson has forever, in my opinion, altered the definition of giving someone a cookie on the internet.

Here now is the full interview with Anne Dawson, cookies included (blame the audio on TalkShoe, O’s final version will sound much better):

I’ll be posting more about Lost Jeopardy from The Cranky Fanatic Podcast in the next day or two when the full edit of the podcast is up.

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