New Release Date For Lost Season 3 Soundtrack
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Just this week I got an email from the people working on the Season 3 soundtrack of Lost assuring me that the release was still on schedule for April 29th. Apparently someone at Varese didn’t get the memo because I got another email this morning with full details on the project and a new release date of May 6th. Needless to say my intuition that the project was being delayed was correct.

The email I got this morning also detailed a Michael Giacchino signing event for May 10th, which you can read about over on Varese’s site.

Check out more info and the track listing for the Season 3 OST here.

Room 23 Podcast: Ben Linus discussion
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This one’s okay, they’re off to a nice start. Lots of theories (and lots of cursing so make sure you don’t play this one around your kids).

iTunes feed here

Via Room 23 Podcast

GSPN’s Newest ‘Lost’ Offerings Are On Feeds Now
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Cliff and Stephanie return after 3 weeks of no Lost podcasting to bring us a listener feedback episode (which it seems several podcasts have been doing to fill in the hiatus.) There are plenty of emails and callers, and all the typical Cliff/Steph banter you can expect from them. As usual there is a lot of time spent at the head and tail (and even during) the podcast promoting other GSPN podcasts/websites/forums etc. which I find pretty annoying. Of interest to people in the northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area there will be a Lost finale screening organized by GSPN for May 29th’s 2-hour finale.


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