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You all should check out this Lost board game RodimusBen thought up recently.

LOSTOPOLY is a game I designed myself using Photoshop, just to play with my friends. The zip file in the link contains all of the necessary items you need to play with the exception of money, play tokens and hotels/houses. I used a Monopoly game I already had for the money and hotels/houses, but I designed the play tokens myself out of Sculpey (see pic below).

If you want a copy of LOSTOPOLY to play with your friends, download the zip file and take it somewhere to print out (I went to my local Staples). I was able to make the game for under $20, counting a thin foam board and all of the color copies. It’s a ton of fun and all of my LOST fan friends have really gotten into it.

Click here to download the zip file for LOSTOPOLY.

Here is the original post I made when I first presented LOSTOPOLY. It has more detailed instructions for how to assemble the game if you need them.

Via Ben Lundy at Broadcast Depth (check out more images from the game here)

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