State of the Audibly Lost
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First of all, thank you all for your continued support of this project. The correspondences I steadily receive keep me very enthused about its success.

With 100+ hours of footage to its name, “Audibly Lost” is a film that will cover a large segment of “Lost’s” fan base, the podcasters.

I began shooting months before the final season began. And yet, a year since the last season started, I am not done. And it may be a bit of time before I get there.

Other obligations have in part kept me from completing my original goals. I have a lot of work ahead of me to make the film I want, and know that the next several months of my life are going to be dedicated to doing that work.

I may be shooting some more footage, and as always the community will be kept informed about any shoots via the @AudiblyLost Twitter account.

This year there was no premiere of “Lost” for President Obama’s State of the Union to preempt, but there has been a sense of loss from many of the podcasters I have seen chatting about the show on Twitter, email and Facebook.

It’s not over, folks.

I have always envisioned “Audibly Lost” as a film that, for posterity, reflects the experience the “Lost” fan community had with their favorite TV show, and with each other.

I will not stop until I have a movie that reflects this hope.

God bless “Lost” as He loved Jacob,

Alex Castex-Porter

An “Audibly Lost” featurette: Jay and Jack
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Enjoy this “Audibly Lost” featurette, featuring Jay and Jack from The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack.

The Jay and Jack featurette uses some of the footage shot for “Audibly Lost.” This is the first time you will be seeing extended material shot for the documentary.

The featurette introduces the duo’s relationship with Kris White (of The Official Lost Podcast) along with Jack’s “crackpot theories.” There is also a bit of footage from their 30-hour charity podcast and from their finale party in Los Angeles.

In addition to Jay, Jack, and Kris, we hear from Michael Emerson, Axel Foley of the Lost Mythos Podcast, Josh and Amanda of The Lost Flashbacks Podcast, Ralph from The Dharmalars, and an avid Jay and Jack fan, Natasha Fray.

Enjoy your first extended look at footage gathered in the making of Audibly Lost!

“Audibly Lost” Trailer
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The trailer for the “Audibly Lost” movie is now up! Enjoy.

“Audibly Lost” introduces viewers to the community of podcasters who weekly analyze the developments on their favorite TV show, “Lost.” Why do they podcast about “Lost”? Why do they each have thousands of listeners? And what exactly is the Smoke Monster?

Coming from all parts of the United States, big cities, suburbs and small towns, these podcasters discuss the “whys” and “why nots,” their reactions to the end of “Lost,” the emotional ups and downs of podcasting, and what it all means for them. They show a side of themselves that their listeners may have never seen or heard.

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